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We’re taking some time to get things just right. And we’re nearly there! Every Ensoi piece will now be created using a vegan silk alternative fabric, made-to-order to your size requirements and machine washable. To be first in line to shop our cruelty-free summer pieces, please sign up at the bottom of the page!

Supply Chain & Ethics

Lots of things about the fashion industry get on our... well, tits. So we decided to do things differently.
When it comes to concealing a bra within a camisole, we’re masters of disguise. But in all other matters, transparency is our raison d'être.
At Ensoi we don’t believe ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ is a good enough reason to keep doing something – so we’re pulling back the curtain and making clothes with honesty instead.
The first thing you should know is, this isn’t fast fashion. Our camis and slips are crafted s l o w l y, and we love them to be bought in the same way. So mull it over. Plan your future outfits. Make it an investment.
Our made-to-order business model minimises waste and allows us to cater for a completely inclusive size range, so nobody and no body is left behind. Custom sizing means a garment that fits you beautifully – no compromises – which we hope means you’ll love it and wear it for longer, too.   
One day we’d love Ensoi to be a synthetic-free zone. But until then, our in-built bras are made from the next best thing: M.I.T.I. Green Soul, which is a Bluesign-certified fabric made from 100% recycled materials, at an Italian mill that’s been going since 1931. A heritage company that embraces change? Yes please.
Our garments are cut, sewn and finished at two brilliant factories here in the UK. We love their ethos, and work closely with them so we can be confident that every member of their team is treated well and paid a living wage as standard.
Meanwhile, our haute couture-standard silk and Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® lace are made using traditional methods, by two of the oldest and most revered mills in France. Every material we use conforms to the European REACH regulations, which means an ever-growing list of harmful chemicals are kept at bay. Our silk mill is GOTS-certified, and we’re working to find the perfect vegan silk alternative too – watch this space.
Finally, the hardware we use for our clasps and straps is manufactured in France too, by the family-owned Santoul factory – and we’re in the process of finding out where the metal itself started life. What can we say? We’re nerds for detail.
When they’re ready to meet you, our beautiful pieces are packaged up in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable boxes. And if for any reason you find you’ve fallen out of love, you can send your cami or slip back to us to be repurposed and continue its life cycle.
This supply chain is as transparent as we can make it just now, but we’re still not satisfied. So we’re working hard to ask our partners all the right questions, and we welcome your questions too. The more we ask, the more we learn, and the better we can be.
Ethique? C’est chic.
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