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Our Model


We know it, you know it, our clothes are worth the wait. 
From the very beginning, it was clear that the only way to fully bring our vision to life was to operate differently. 
Order slots drop monthly. In that time, you'll be able to shop the whole range. Once the window closes, your items will be made to your bespoke requirements. Our unique sizing system enables you to select your dress and cup sizes separately. No two women are the same, and we celebrate that. 
We're proud of our production process, and want to make you part of the garment's journey from start to finish. You'll meet the friendly faces and talented hands that bring our work to life. Most brands hide this part. We choose to work differently.
Why this unique model? Because on-demand manufacturing helps us to produce only what's wanted. Nothing we make will be wasted. We put extra care in to each piece because we know it's going to a loving home, not a landfill.
The 'fast fashion' industry has conditioned us to want more and expect it faster. Those clothes were never designed to last a lifetime. 
We're here for the fashion marathon, not the sprint. See you at the finish line.