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We’re taking some time to get things just right. And we’re nearly there! Every Ensoi piece will now be created using a vegan silk alternative fabric, made-to-order to your size requirements and machine washable. To be first in line to shop our cruelty-free summer pieces, please sign up at the bottom of the page!

About Us

And now, for something truly uplifting.
Named after the French ‘en soi’, meaning 'in itself', and ‘en soie’, which means ‘made of silk’, Ensoi creates beautifully self-sufficient pieces that blend luxury design with the support you deserve. Beneath this silken exterior lies the bra of your dreams.
Born in London and raised in Paris, our founder Clare knows what many of us have suspected for so long: that if even French women don’t feel like the archetypal ‘French woman’... then perhaps none of us do?
We know you don’t want to be sold a chic myth anymore. You don’t want throwaway flings. You want clothes worthy of a long-term relationship. Clothes that elevate and celebrate your personal style – and your tits, while they’re at it.
Made to order, made to fit and made to last, Ensoi pieces transcend trends and slip seamlessly into your wardrobe. Layered over long sleeves and simple tees, or under sharp tailoring and slouchy knitwear, our delicate camis and slip dresses are high/low heroes that make getting dressed a breeze. And of course, no more ‘shelf support’ or strapless stick-on nightmares. Just easy, effortless design that works with your body, not against it.
Because we craft every slip and cami to order, we’re proud to be fully size-inclusive; just tell us your stats and we’ll create a custom garment that feels like a second skin. Flexible, breathable, made from ultra-soft recycled nylon and elastane, our signature in-built bra represents a new dawn for boobs everywhere. No jabby underwires or shapewear ‘solutions’ here, thank god. Because your body is not a problem to be solved.
At Ensoi, we believe in uplift for everyone – which is why our supply chain is transparent, our workers are paid fairly, and we’re always striving to make every element of our business as sustainable as we can, from fibre to fastenings, packaging and beyond.
We’re not perfect yet (who is?) but we don’t believe in hiding anything. Except our bras.